Buzz the Vizsla

If you've been to Buzz's site prior to 28 October 2016, it looks different - don't worry! We just updated it to cover his entire life span, instead of stopping at dog school.

This site is just a boatload of photographs we took of our Vizsla, Buzz, over the fourteen years of his life. Its intended audience is Buzz's family. So, if you're not a family member, be warned: there's not too much here but a zillion pictures of our dog. And it's not just because he was ours; it's because he was beautiful, at rest and in motion.

So now that you know that you'll be flooded with photos, here's some guidance: The Air Time and Headshots pages are essentially albums of our favorite pictures of Buzz - no story at all, just a bunch of Buzz-pics in roughly chronological order, from age 3 weeks to 14 years. The rest of the pages are either short stories of adventures, or at least have some unifying theme. Have fun.

Headshots Not really headshots, but photos that show Buzz in various really impressive poses.
Air Time Buzz spent a lot of his life with four feet off the ground, one way or another, and we caught some of those moments with our camera.
Costumes Buzz dressed up for various occasions and we caught him in the act.
Buddies Buzz had lots of friends: human, canine, equine, etc.
Pictures of Buzz's Litter Buzz's breeder, Marion Sears, invited potential Vizsla owners to her place when Buzz's litter turned three weeks old, so she could figure out good dog-people matches. It was great fun but could easily have resulted in a cuteness apocalypse.
Coming Home Pictures from Buzz's first three days at our house.
Settling In These are photos from the first three months with us.
Robinson Ranch Buzz grew up at Robinson Ranch.
Dog School A quick look at Buzz's education with Jan Brennan, a vet and Search and Rescue dog trainer who definitely gave him a liberal arts sort of education.
Fort Ord We spent a lot of time and miles at Fort Ord, one of Buzz's favorite places.
Buzz Helping Buzz tried to stay involved in all our activities, no matter how boring.
Hyampom A friend of ours has property in the Nor Cal town of Hyampom and Buzz really enjoyed visiting, particularly the part about swimming in the river.
Lam Clinic We took Buzz to a to work on our conformation-handling skills. Fortunately, we never had to use the skills. It was pretty humbling.
Camping with Lori Lori introduced me to the notion of owning a dog - she's my heroine! She and Buzz and I took a short camping trip.
Paso Robles We have a couple of friends who have large places down in Paso Robles and Buzz loved going down to visit.
Reno Trip We took a trip to Reno and got sidetracked.
Texas trips These are photos from our multiple trips to see Wayne's family East Texas. And mostly they are of the travel, not the visiting.
Walking on Water. We always said Buzz could do no wrong, but we didn't know he could walk on water.
Weed We intended to visit Weed, but we got distracted by a sidetrip again.
Winthrop Buzz went to Winthrop and met Shameless and Geraldo, his neighbor dogs.
HSA In the last year of his life, Buzz had surgery and chemotherapy for a blood-born cancer. The treatments were effective: he was back in action in days after the surgery and he lived joyously and actively for another year.