I got featured in the UC Berkeley Extension catalog as the poster girl for CE/CS one year - my nearest brush with fame.

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Professional Information and Articles

This section has links to my resume and a few papers I wrote while I've been in school. I also included the Statement of Purpose that I used to apply to UCSC. The docs are in MS Word format.

  • My resume
  • Draft Thesis - "When to Use Formal Methods on a Commercial Development Project. Hmmm. That's a lie - this is actually a version that's worded much more informally than the submitted thesis - but I like it better. It's a bunch of questions and answers that I, as a program manager, would ask or have to consider before using formal methods when doing software for money.
  • An Introduction to Business Transaction Protocol This paper is a description of the new BTP suggested by OASIS for use in business collaborations over the net. I included my analysis and conclusions as to whether it will succeed or not.
  • Domain Specific Languages for Financial Applications This is a paper I wrote for Fundamentals of Programming Languages. It describes some DSLs used for (1) assessing risk in financial instruments, (2) recognizing stock market trends based on a pattern recognition combinator and (3) describing financial instruments for a bank. The first two were by far the most interesting. They were both written in Haskell and used very simple combinators to build up quite powerful descriptions of their domains. The authors included the complete semantics of the languages, so you could prove the denotational correctness of other, newly invented elements, which was very fun - I actually took a cut at doing it. The interesting thing was that domain experts commented that the exercise was useful just because they gained clarity of insight into their own domains by having to describe the problem to designers. Hot news, huh?
  • My UCSC Statement of Purpose I included this because (1) it must be good because they didn't take me because of my coding skill or previous grades and (2) I still think it's true.
  • HTML versions of the above.

    Sorry, but I didn't take the time to work out the graphics. This means the figures are missing from the BTP paper and the logic symbols used in the proofs and combinator symbols are missing from the DSL paper. The resume and Statement of Purpose ought to be okay. And no way I was even going to try to html-ize the thesis.

    Read the previous paragraph for what's in each of these docs.
  • My resume
  • My Statement of Purpose for admission into the grad program.
  • An Introduction to Business Transaction Protocol
  • Domain Specific Languages for Financial Applications
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  • Hemet Double Century 1996
  • Central Coast Double Century 1997
  • Starvation Mtn - epic mtn bike ride
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  • Life of Buzz, our puppy This includes puppy school pictures
  • Pictures of Vizslas from Csardas Kennels, where we got a pup from
  • Pictures of our dog, Annie
  • Pictures and stories from Robinson Ranch
  • Freewheelers Bike Club
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